ISO-SPORT™ Products

The ISO-Sport products are only offered for sale on our website. The products can contribute to an increase in health, but also to a faster recovery of the muscles or to the relaxation of body and mind.

ISO-Sport Guard Oral Spray

€19,99  €9,95

ISO-Sport Focus

€19,99  €9,95

ISO-Sport Frost

€20,99  €10,45


€27,99 €13,95


Increase your performance and your recovery

Our global partnerships mean high quality, laboratory tested and certified CBDs that support you and your fitness. We use THC-free hemp CBD at its best for consistent and reliable support of athletic goals at all levels.

Cebidiol ™ takes topical CBD delivery to a whole new level. The 99% + active particles are microencapsulated in liposomal layers and time-released for lasting benefits you can count on. Use the power of this innovation for our current products.

NUTRA99 ™ is our anhydrous hemp oil ™, the purest and most bioactive hemp derivative of its kind. This 99% pure compound goes perfectly with food supplements and much more. This CBD form supports our maintenance products.

Heneplex is our uniquely formulated CBD with botanical terpenes. CBD particles are microencapsulated to allow easy binding with our fluid-based performance products and optimal digestion through your body’s endocannabinoid system.