RapidCBD™ Capsules

The RapidCBD capsules are only available for sale on our website. The capsules can contribute to an increase in health, but also to a faster recovery of the muscles or to relaxation of the body and mind. The capsules are available in different designs.

€ 44,95 €22,45

€ 44,95 €22,45

RapidCBD ™



It always started with RAPIDCBD ™ for Isodiol, and we are proud that we were before evolution. Our CBD isolate formula, acquired in 2011, which is the original and not yet biologically viable CBD, is hemp derivative at its best.

The connection between the paint products in our RAPIDCBD ™ line is 99% better. We offer everything in multi-spectrum and isolated varieties for products that offer something for everyone so you can live a healthier life, of course!

Vitamine C | B12 | D3 Caps

Premium Herbal Complex


Ease Caps

May help relieve temporary discomforts related to muscles and joints

Sleep Caps

Can of course help promote a good night’s sleep